MLC008 - Yuto Takei - MA EP - MALOCA RECORDS - OUT NOW - MLC008 - Yuto Takei - MA EP - MALOCA RECORDS - OUT NOW - 

MLC008 - Yuto Takei - MA EP - MALOCA RECORDS - OUT NOW - MLC008 - Yuto Takei - MA EP - MALOCA RECORDS - OUT NOW - 


Yuto Takei - MA EP

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Belgian label Maloca Records returns with a new EP from Tokyo-based composer and DJ Yuto Takei. Originally producing music for video games and car promotions, including Gran Turismo and Lexus, Yuto Takei lands on Maloca with a stunning 7-track EP featuring a special remix from Konduku.

Yuto Takei tends to utilise organic, human elements within his productions, usually via field recordings from the cities, mountains and caves that he explores. Speaking about the concept behind this release, Yuto says, ““間, Ma” is one of my favorite Kanji with many various meanings depending on the case.

When talking about time, “Ma” means moment. We feel a nice moment from a nice experience. When talking about place, “Ma” means space and has traditionally meant room as well. For example, tea room is “茶の間, Cha-no-Ma”, because we spend good moments with tea there. When talking about distance, “Ma” means distance between each other, physical and social. Therefore, “人, Hito” is a Japanese word for a person as an individual, and “人間, Ningen” is a Japanese word for human in our society and the world. Even during Covid regulation time, I had nice moments with nice people in nice places. There were moments I was able to experience because of that period. I got a lot of energy from it and had great production times. Definitely my tracks this time are linked by various “間, Ma” senses.”

Splitting his time between Tokyo and Amsterdam, Yuto Takei has been touring Europe over the last year with gigs in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Serbia and Macedonia. Last December, Yuto released the ‘Bells From The East’ EP on Dutch label Flippen Disks and he has also contributed a track to an Electric Shapes compilation for volume 2 in their ‘Unreleased Territory’ series.

Launching Maloca Records in 2020, Le Motel aims to bring together an international network of makers which was highlighted on the label’s first compilation, Maloca Vol. 1. The release focused on a terrestrial and borderless percussive sound that has been bubbling in clubs and Le Motel’s orbit, featuring tracks from Nick León, OMAAR, DJ JM, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Coen, DJ N.K. and Tsongo. Maloca has also released solo EPs from Howie Lee, Farsight and Griffit Vigo.



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